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Hocus Pocus Mastiffs                       

245 Joe D. Coffee Rd. * Monroe, TN 38573 * 931/397-2461 *

Stud Service Contract


Name of Stud Dog: _                                                        __________________AKC Reg. #_______________

Owner(s) __                     _________________________________________________________________


Name of Bitch: ________________________________________________AKC Reg. #________________

Date of Birth: _____________________________ AKC Certificate Issued Date:_____________________

Owner(s) Name: _______________________________________________________________________


Phone#_______________________________ Email___________________________________________

Hocus Pocus Mastiffs hereinafter referred to as the Stud Owner; ________________________________

hereinafter referred to as the bitch’s owner.

Conditions of Contract

1.       Upon signing of this contract, I/we do hereby swear that I/we are the legal owners of this bitch and have the right to breed her.

2.       It is the bitch owner’s responsibility to do any and all required testing to assure the correct target date for breeding.

3.       I/We attest the bitch is in good health, as evidenced by a recent veterinary examination, that must include the following:

a.       A current Brucellosis test

b.      A current vaginal cytology demonstrating the stage of her estrus cycle and if any bacterial diseases are present in the vagina that may cause venereal diseases or problems with conception.

c.       A list of current vaccinations and worming.

d.      Medical information and veterinarian’s name and phone number in case of emergency.

4.       Two live puppies whelped constitute a litter. **

5.       Stud owner reserves the right to choose first pick of the litter in lieu of stud fee. If the stud owner so chooses, the pick will be decided when the puppies are 6 weeks old. If only one puppy is born, bitch owner will be given the choice of the puppy or paying the stud fee ($750).

6.       Bitch owner must supply a copy of bitch’s AKC registration papers and stud owner must receive this copy of AKC registration before breeding or semen collection.

7.       During natural breeding, if the bitch is to be housed with the stud on the stud owner’s property, the stud owner will care for the bitch until such time as the breeding takes place and bitch owner retrieves her. The owner of the bitch hereby releases from responsibility Hocus Pocus Mastiffs or Betty Aronson from any and all liabilities and/or damages to said bitch, including, but not limited to, those resulting from acts of god, while she is in the care of Hocus Pocus Mastiffs or Betty Aronson for breeding. _____ initial

8.       Bitch owner will not transfer ownership of any puppy resulting from this breeding to any person or organization whose intent it is to resell, trade, or give away the puppy, or use it in laboratory experiments.

9.       Bitch owner agrees:

a.       To sell all puppies under a written contract;

b.      To keep track of all puppies resulting from this breeding and if the puppy buyer can no longer care for the puppy purchased, the bitch owner will take the puppy back.

c.       Not to allow any puppies resulting from this breeding to knowingly be placed in any shelter or rescue situation at any time in their life.

d.      To have the puppies examined by a veterinarian, vaccinated at the appropriate time, and de-wormed prior to placement with new owners.

10.   All transportation charges and whelping veterinary expenses will be the responsibility of the owner of the bitch. The owner of the bitch warrants that this bitch has not been exposed to any stud dog prior to her arrival and that she will be protected from such exposure after her return home.


This agreement embodies the entire agreement between the parties hereto, and supersedes any and all other agreement between the parties in connection with the syndication of the mastiff described herein. This agreement may be amended at any time by the consent and signature of all parties in writing, provided that the written document so states that the purpose of the document is to amend this agreement.


This agreement is hereby entered into and wholly executed in the State of Tennessee and litigation arising from any possible breach of this agreement shall be adjudicated in the County of Overton, in the State of Tennessee, under Tennessee law. All parties hereby submit themselves to the jurisdiction of said courts.


I/We, owner(s) of the bitch hereby certify(s) that I/we have read this contract, understand its complete contents, and agree to it fully.


Bitch owner(s) signatures: _________________________    ___________________________________


Print names: ____________________________________   ____________________________________


Stud Dog owner signature(s) _______________________   ____________________________________

                                                                Betty Aronson


Date of contract_____________________________   Date(s) of breeding ________________________


Expected whelping date:______________________