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 To be on our waiting list for a puppy, deposits (50%) are due when the breeding is confirmed, with the balance and applicable shipping (if any) due 10 days prior to the puppy being 8 weeks old or when it is scheduled to be shipped. Deposits are non-refundable, and we ask that you make a commitment to buying the puppy at the time you reserve your spot on the waiting list. Puppies are picked in the order that the deposits are RECEIVED; this is the fairest process for everyone on the waiting list. If the sex and color requested isn't available in the coming litter, you will move to the top of the list for picking a puppy from the next litter.


Hocus Pocus Mastiffs Puppy Contract


AGREEMENT made this ____day of ____,  2014 between Betty Aronson, d/b/a Hocus Pocus Mastiffs hereafter known as the Breeder, and ________________ hereafter known as the Buyer, whereby title to the male Mastiff, AKC litter #WS_________, whelped on the ___th day of _____, 2014 by __________________(Sire) out of __________________ (Dam) and now owned by the Breeder will vest in the Buyer and the Breeder will deliver to the Buyer the duly completed AKC full/limited Registration Certificate on this dog as well as a record of medical history and the four generation pedigree upon fulfillment of the following condition(s):


1.   Purchase price of $1,250 for full or limited AKC registration; limited registration will be given unless this is arranged prior to purchase.


It is agreed between the parties that:


1.   The Breeder warrants that the dog is in excellent health but has not made and does not make any further warranties as to the dog’s condition or potential.


2.   The Buyer should take the dog to a veterinarian of his choice and the Breeder encourages him to do so within a period of 5 days from taking possession of the dog.  If the veterinarian finds the dog to be not healthy, nor sound, or to possess a serious congenital defect and a veterinarian’s certificate supplied to the Breeder so stating, the Buyer may return the dog to the Breeder and receive a full, immediate refund of the purchase price stated above.


3.   If at any time up until the dog reaches twenty-five months of age, this dog is found to possess serious Canine Hip Disease (CHD), it shall be handled in the following manner:  the Buyer must provide a veterinarian’s certificate so stating and the certificate must be accompanied by the x-rays, full medical history and findings.  All the materials must be sent to a veterinarian of the Breeder’s choosing.  If it is conclusive that the CHD is in fact a hereditary condition that was not contributed to through the Buyer’s environment and that this condition could not have been avoided, by mutual agreement the Breeder will provide a partial refund of the purchase price.  In the event the seriousness of the CHD is so severe that the most humane treatment for the dog is to be euthanized the Buyer is entitled to a replacement with a dog of equal value.


4.   The Buyer agrees that this dog will not be raised on slippery surfaces or be allowed to bound up and down stairs since these activities will contribute to dislocated shoulders, hips and damaged elbows.  The Buyer also agrees that this dog’s weight will be under strict supervision until the dog reaches his or her second birthday.  It would be far better for the animal to be slightly underweight (where the ribs can easily be felt) than overweight.  Overweight will also break down structure.  Nothing must be given to this dog that will accelerate growth.


5.   In the event that the Buyer can no longer care for the dog or if he wishes to sell the dog, title will not be transferred to any person or organization other than the Breeder, whether by sale, gift, loan or otherwise, except in the following manner:


a)   The dog will first be offered to the Breeder by the Buyer under the same terms and conditions as the third party.


b)   Should the offer not be accepted by the Breeder, then the Buyer and the Breeder will enter into a written agreement with the third party similar to this one except that the purchase price will be agreed upon between the Buyer and the third party.  All proceeds from the transfer to the third party will be given to the Buyer by the Breeder.


c)   The Buyer agrees that he will not transfer ownership of the dog to any person or organization whose intent is to resell, trade, or give away the dog, to use it for breeding purposes in a puppy mill, or to be used in a laboratory.


6.   The Buyer agrees that this dog will live as a household pet and will give it proper love and attention at all times.  The Buyer further agrees that this dog will never be chained or tied outside or trained as a professional guard/attack dog.  The Mastiff does not have the temperament for this and to do so could be disastrous to the animal.


7.   The Buyer agrees that this mastiff will NOT be neutered or spayed until it is at least 2 years of age or the female has had at least 2 heat cycles. Spaying and neutering too early can cause improper physical development of a giant breed and scientific research points to higher incidence of osteosarcoma and incontinency.


8.   If the conditions of this contract are not adhered to, the Breeder has the right, and the Buyer’s full agreement, to repossess the dog at any time.  It is understood that these conditions are set forth for the welfare and protection of the dog and the Mastiff breed as well as for the two parties, the Buyer and the Breeder.





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