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Castle Mount's Sirius Black

Feb. 1, 2005 - Feb. 17, 2012 




 When I decided that I wanted to breed for color in 2005, my search was on for a male black brindle puppy.  Little did I know how hard they were to find!  Fortunately, I was led to Castle Mount Mastiffs who had not one but five to choose from!  And from the minute I saw him, Harry was everything I'd always wanted in a mastiff and then some.  Judges have said he is the perfect English standard for the breed.  He's 32 inches as the shoulder and weighs 190 lbs.  He has a wonderful thick, velvety soft coat with faint deep russet brindling, huge head, great bone, tight cat feet. He passed away in his sleep in 2012, but he lives on in his descendants. Rest in peace, big guy, you're always in our hearts.